What is Art???

Posted: May 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

One of my passions (among the many that I have) is art! I love looking into all works of art, decode its hidden meaning, its depth and the many layers lying underneath, in between, and filling in those gaps with my own thoughts.  While I am completely fascinated by the fact that the term “art” can be applied to a vast array of things, and is often used to describe something done, I always find myself asking “What is Art??”

My definition of art is simply this: Art is act of creating. Any form of creative outlet and expression, that being an oil on canvas painting, modern dance, photography, playing a musical instrument, a building structure engineered to perfection, graffiti that reflects the grit of the streets, and a window design on the outside of a store front; is art. While varying opinions may sway, while critics will always comment;who is to judge, but the creator himself/herself??  This is the key thing I love most about art.  It is truly in the eye of the beholder.

In art criticism, there are two things that critics look for to call something art, those being form and content.  Form is the actual material, the matter used, and the principles of the design. Content is a representation of the idea by the artist, the significance of the representations, and the overall impression left behind on the audience.

Next time you call something art, contemplate whether it possesses form and content. Ultimately, you are the one to decide!  Above and below are representation of what I deem is art.


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  1. Diamond says:

    i love that pic. so sexy, sensual and deep

  2. sohojay says:

    I would love to post this picture on my Blog under Artsie Friday!

    Let me know if that is actually okay.

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